Teaching and Learning

At St Mary’s we teach a varied curriculum to develop the spiritual and academic dimensions of each child. Religious Education is a key focus area of the school.

The teaching of English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, History, Geography, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and Creative Arts is informed by the Board of Studies' NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Information and communication technology skills are a focus in all year levels and integrate across key learning areas through the use of iPad, laptop and desktop technology. Opportunities for private music tuition are available. These include a Concert Band program for students in Years 3-6, piano and Skool of Rock. Close links exist between Carroll College, Broulee and St Bernard’s, Batemans Bay enhance educational opportunities for our students and provide a K-12 Pathway for Catholic Education on the South Coast.

At St Mary's Primary School we believe that learning is enhanced when:

  • The school and classroom environment are both caring and nurturing
  • Openness to learning is valued and an appreciation of all learning styles is evident
  • Experiences are meaningful
  • Immersion and engagement in learning are of vital importance
  • Risk taking is valued
  • Intrinsic motivation is promoted
  • Achievements become the focus rather than failures and levels of success are valued
  • Authentic relationships between students and teachers are cultivated
  • Collaboration and integration on all levels are encouraged
  • Clearly defined goals are maintained and reviewed
  • Feedback and support during the learning process is provided
  • Assessment is continuous and cumulative


There is a strong focus on the development of Literacy teaching and learning at the school. The emphasis is on developing highly literate and engaged students through the implementation of teacher-led inquiry, differentiated learning tasks and providing students with the necessary scaffolds to be successful life long literacy learners.

The Library is an integral part of the school, enhancing every aspect of the school curriculum. The users of the school library are students, teachers, other members of staff and the school community.

The library aims to provide an environment which is welcoming and stimulating for individual and group learning. Students visit the library with their class once a week. Students borrow books at this time. To aid the development of a positive attitude toward book care, all children are required to have a library bag.


The NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum is the source document for this key learning area. ‘Count Me In Too’, ‘Working like a Mathematician’ and investigative activities are implemented in classes to ensure Mathematics is a ‘hands on’ authentic learning experience for the children. Staff are continually updating their skills with regular professional development to ensure the most effective delivery of the curriculum.

History and Geography

History and Geography is implemented throughout the school. Content is taught in stages over a two year cycle. Each unit of inquiry involves students exploring the history of themselves and others in the past up to the present. There is an emphasis on developing student's problem solving, research and critical thinking skills.

We follow the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) approved curriculum in the key learning areas of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and the Environment
  • Personal Development Healt and Physical Education
  • Creative Arts

In addition, at St Mary's, a course in Religious Education is taught in theory and practice. As a Catholic school, Religious Education is both a Key Learning Area and integral to our way of life.