School Fees

In 2023 fees statement will show three amounts. The first is the NSW Primary Family Tuition Fee set by the Catholic Education Office in Canberra and covers system operating costs including staff salaries. The fee for 2023 is $357.00 per family per term. The second fee is the School Resource Fee set by the school for operating and maintenance costs. The third fee that will appear is the Student Resource Fee.

Catholic Education policy states that the fourth and subsequent children are not included in fee billing.

Therefore, the total costs per term for 2023 are:

  • Families with one child enrolled: $761.00 (Weekly amount: $58.54)   
  • Families with two children enrolled: $860.00 (Weekly amount: $66.16)   
  • Families with three children enrolled: $959.00 (Weekly amount: $73.77)

Sibling Discount

The NSW Primary Family Tuition Fee is charged to ALL families enrolled at St Mary’s, however those families who have children at Carroll College are entitled to a fifty percent discount off the Tuition Fee billed from St Mary’s. Instead of paying the $357.00 family fee it will be $178.50 per family per term.

To access the fifty percent discount, you are required to verify that you have other children enrolled at Carroll College. This needs to be renewed annually.